About Me

“Good health is a destination that is within reach,  together we will pave the way”

I am Gaby, aka “Capu”

Is what some of my closest friends and family wish to call me. Why CAPU? Because that is a short name related to who I am. C: refers to chef, culinary, commitment, control. A: all-natural, alive, active. P: prevention, positive. U: up-level your lifestyle. Enjoy the journey with CAPU 😉

I am a Chef who specializes in healthy eating. I have a strong educational background and work experience.  I gained a great deal of knowledge about the nutrition world. I finished my bachelor degree studies from Gato Dumas, which is a well-known and prestigious Culinary Art School based in Argentina.  I enjoyed attending classes and everything that was taught to me was etched in my soul, since this was my passion. I also love the business world and so I decided to study business management and I got my degree from the University of Sunderland.

My dedication, creativity, and natural talent came in handy and enabled me to succeed in my studies and in my career.   Additionally, in order to further my education, I decided to study gastronomy.  The knowledge that I gained helped me achieve my biggest passion in life which is: “To help everyone achieve good health by substituting bad habits with good ones in order to live a fulfilled life”.

I am also certified in Sports Nutrition from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).  The purpose of all of my education was to help me get to the root cause of our epidemic problem, which is poor nutrition.

Although we live in a rich country where we are blessed with so much abundance, we still suffer from poor nutrition.  The supermarkets’ shelves are filled with all kinds of food imaginable, yet our bodies are starving.  That is the core problem of obesity, chronic diseases, and fatigue.  I did so much research has given me great insight into nutrition and how it plays a key role in our life. There’s a direct link between our food choices and our energy and performance.

I worked very hard to create my own recipes with key ingredients that fuel the body and helps it fight major diseases.  I spent many days learning about different spices that are often overlooked, but they offer so much benefits to our well-being.  I am aware of every single ingredient that I put in my recipes, and how it impacts our bodies.  My motto is, “If I don’t want it in my body, I will never put it in yours”.

I don’t believe in crash diets or other means of extreme and unsustainable means to get fit. I believe in you and I want to strengthen your will-power. I don’t believe in one size fits all, I want you to be the best version of you.

I invite you all to be part of my world and help me in my mission, to be an inspiration to others, and instill the idea that healthy food can also taste great.

“The Beginning of my Journey

Prior to starting my journey, I was leading an unhealthy life. Like so many people out there, I lacked the prior knowledge and the discipline.  With so many false advertisements and information overload, I was at a loss.  Till one day I witnessed the closest to me suffer from chronic diseases, only then that I vowed to myself and to everyone that comes in my path that I will revolutionize the fitness world.

I started by studying the benefits of all the spices that most of us hardly use. I believe that is the foundation of the dish.  I learned what vitamins and minerals are contained in every ingredient that I use.  I begin to experiment with the spices and the ingredients to create recipes that not only taste great but are extremely healthy and nutritional.  I developed all of my recipes with a touch of love and precision.

I believe we all came on this earth to serve a purpose, my purpose is to help people be the healthiest that they can be.  What better gift can you give someone other than a good health? I want to empower you all to be the best that you can be, there is no one size that fits all, that is why I want you to be the best that you can be.

“Your body is your inside mirror”

What we put into our bodies is the most important decision that we make in our life day in and day out. I am here to help you make better choices”.

It’s time to take cae of your health now! All you need to do is just send us a message via the form below