Gluten-Free: Beware!

The food industry will always find new and creative ways to stay in business and multiple their revenues by ten folds by using the same chemicals and ingredients and perhaps adding an additional thing or two. We as consumers have to be on the look-out constantly and never take their claims at face value. After all we have been down this road many times in the past and we definitely know better by now.
The new hype on the block now is gluten-free lifestyle. We’ve been hearing for many years now that carbs and anything made of flour is bad for us, so naturally it would make perfect sense to come out with gluten-free products. Especially considering that all the advertisement & marketing has already been done for the food industry by the Atkins diet and other popular diets that we’ve all heard of. Anyone in the food business will find this as a golden opportunity.
Many might be thinking to themselves by now, so what is the problem with a gluten-free diet? After all it will solve many people’s problems. People like myself who have hypothyroid for many years can really benefit from this lifestyle, and the many others such as: the many women that are struggling with weight management, or someone like my sister that has lupus and is desperate to find a way out of the symptoms that are crippling. It is true that flour is not good for us, and those that have autoimmune disease are better off eliminating gluten from their diet.
The problem comes in from the food industry and their bag of tricks that never runs out. When buying gluten-free product look carefully at the other ingredients, the food industry will not use the organic healthy substitutes, for they will be soon out-of-business. They end up adding more of the things we don’t need in our bodies that will eventually cause us bigger problems then the ones we currently trying to solve.
We all remember the hype of the low-fat & fat-free products that flooded the supermarkets isles, we were all once so excited once about. Unfortunately once we knew what that was all about, we felt disappointed. The food industry’s solution to reducing the calories is to substitute real sugar which isn’t all that bad for us in small quantities for artificial sweeteners that cause obesity in the long-run or even worst, cancer.
We at Capuhealthy, when we make claims that our product is healthy or gluten-free we mean it. We realize that we might not become millionaires right away, but we will attract loyal customers which means a lot to us. Eventually the result of building a sold reputation and loyal customers, will be a win-win situation. Our advise to you is always look extra careful at the ingredients before buying the product, gluten-free doesn’t necessary mean healthy.
By: Neirmen Alzubi

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