Oregano Oil: Nature’s Best Antibiotics

While December is the most wonderful time of the year, as the song says, it’s also that time of the year when people are more prune to getting sick. We’re surrounded by so many people during the holidays and getting sick is almost expected. There are many natural remedies that we can turn to before turning to over-the-counter medicines that are packed with harmful chemicals, or to prescription antibiotics that weaken our immune system.

I like to start taking my natural things before I ever get sick, this way I protect myself in advance.  Many years ago I stumbled upon a company called “Doterra” that sells concentrated oils that offer so many health benefits. I found the prices to be high, but the oils do last for a long time since it’s very concentrated.

Oregano oil is a very powerful natural antibiotics that kills the flu virus amongst other harmful organisms. Oregano oil is also a excellent source of vitamins and minerals such as: vitamin A, C, & E as well as zinc, magnesium, and iron. If I am feeling sick, I also take fresh minced garlic in the morning. Garlic is also known to be very powerful antibiotic and is recommended to take daily regardless if one is sick or not.

Since the oregano oil is very concentrated and has a very strong taste, what I usually do is in a small cup I mix 1-2 drops of the oil with two table spoons of olive oil that I put in an empty capsule and swollen it with water. The capsules are sold separately online everywhere including amazon. Please see below the site for doterra and where to buy the capsules online. We hope this information was helpful, please share your comments below.

By Neirmen Alzubi




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