How to Raise Kids in the Social Media Era?

Although our generation has fewer children to raise than our parents and grandparents generation did, raising one child in our day-in-age is equivalent to raising two or even three in their generation. Although my children and their friends have things I never even dreamt of having when I was growing up, I still feel sorry for them because they are stripped of their innocence too soon and deprived of living their age.  In a way, these children are forced into growing up too fast and face challenges they shouldn’t be facing. 

I remember not knowing about certain topics until I was sixteen years old, my youngest who is seven knows more than I did when I was more than twice his age.  The problem is too much information is never good.  We need to preserve their innocence, allow them to enjoy their age, and not be exposed to the social media.  We will never really know the full impact on their psychological well-being until much later. 

Going back to the original question, how to raise kids in the social medical era? 

Well, it’s complicated but for a start, you keep them away from it for as long as you can.  Our children’s generation are suffering from depression and other emotional problems more than any other generation in the human history. 

The simpler the better, don’t try to substitute your time with your children by buying them stuff no matter how expensive and fancy the stuff may be.  Children need a lot of love and attention from their parents, if they are not given enough care and attention, they grow up lacking proper social skills.  In addition, they will lose the sense of appreciation and will be entitled in the future. 

They have to learn how to earn things and not just get whatever they want even before they ask for it.

Another approach is to truly educate them with real and useful knowledge.  The knowledge that will serve them well in their future.  Our children lack many values and ethics and are left to learn the wrong things from other friends or from the social media.  We need to instill in our children true values and teach them how to think for themselves.  We need to guard them against being easily manipulated by others and the media.  The only way to accomplish this is to truly educate with, love them, and instill goodness in them. 

We are all born good and inclined more towards what’s right, we are taught later on in life bad habits that alter our good nature.  We need to keep our children innocent and away from the negative influences of television and social media.  If we just go back to the basics of how we were raised, we won’t go wrong.  Hope this was a good read, feel free to share your views and experience with us.

By Neirmen Alzubi

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